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Hello there, my name is El and I am the creator of Back To Basics Healing. As a certified hypnotherapist, intuitive, astrology enthusiast and a life long student of all things esoteric, I walk with you on your path to discovering your beings fullest potential.

Are you ready to meet the most powerful you? During my sessions, I guide clients through a trance like state and work directly with the subconscious mind where limiting beliefs are stored and transform them by using Neurolinguistic Programming.

This is incredibly deep and meaningful work. Having said that I can only work with a select few people at a time. Are you ready to become the most successful you? If so, I'm excited to meet you on the other side :)


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What my clients had to say:

"Thank you El for this wonderful experience! I have had a few sessions already but your voice is one of the most precious one I've had the opportunity to listen to and let myself be guided by. With your deep understanding of human connection and warm-hearted personality, but also with an impressive professionalism you made it very easy for me to open up and go really deep. Because of you I was able to trust the process, which has not always been easy for me in the past. Our session has been and still is changing my life everyday. I am so grateful to have met you on my healing journey."



"My session with El was absolutely amazing. She treated me with care, kindness and consideration. We connected on so many levels, in so many ways. She has such wonderful insight that effortlessly guided me along a self healing path and perfect end result. She is intellegent, insightful and intuitive and does it all professionally and with a comfortable personal touch. I will definately listen to her audio because the descriptive wording is high quality and just flows easily. I am happy that she is going to change lives, like she did mine."


"My session with El was very insightful and even eye opening for me! It helped me come face to face with the limiting belief about money that my subconscious mind had stored early on from my childhood and that kept me in a scarcity mentality. Back then I could manifest anything easily other than big amounts of money but right after our session, I received an unexpected €3000 and since then my mind has been conditioning me to buy expensive things for myself (which I wasn't used to before) because I know I am expensive and I am worthy! And guess what? I feel now that I am a money magnet! So I am deeply grateful to El, she is very intuitive and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. I recommend her to anyone looking to replace outdated beliefs into new empowering ones that are aligned with your vision of yourself!"


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