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Deep transformation...

Inspired by the Eclipse portal that we are currently in, activating the Taurus/ Scorpio axis, astrologically we are in a time of tapping into our understanding of the material vs the spiritual, pleasure vs pain, the physical manifestation and the process of alchemy, I feel called to write this post, I want to talk about Death.

Whether we are talking about a literal or figurative death, whether it be physical or spiritual, ego or an emotional death, this is nothing but a transition. Another word for death could be Transformation.

An ending of a cycle and a beginning of a new one. What we are shedding and leaving behind to what we are being born into and embracing as our new self.

A beautiful and often used metaphor for this is the 🦋butterfly🦋, which once started as a caterpillar 🐛who had to go within itself, shut out the outside world, leave all that it has ever known thus far, never to return the same, ever again.

The caterpillar stage had to die, it had completed its purpose. The caterpillar had to be completely undone within its cocoon and through that dark period emerge as a completely transformed being.

Where before the caterpillar had a very grounded view of its surroundings, now the butterfly has a much bigger picture. I say all this to say, most find it easy to appreciate the fluttering butterfly as it dances with the soft waves of the wind, but not so much appreciation is usually given towards the caterpillar. That same butterfly could not be without the initial stages of its journey.

Let the journey of this creature inspire us in learning to find security in what we are and learning to trust in what we could be.

Learning to follow the path that’s in front of us and learning when to forge our own way.

Learning to appreciate it all and learning when to let it all go… with grace and love.

Other channeled messages:

  • Song - Shrike by Hozier

  • Spirit animal - Rabbit 🐇

  • Crystal - Tanzanite 🟣

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