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Moving on...

Personally, these past few months have pushed me beyond my limits and way out of my comfort zone. It was scary, sometimes painful and that is when we should let love guide us instead of fear. Today, I needed to recenter, have some extra quiet time and let Spirit speak.

In moments like these we are invited to observe our triggers and create a safe space for ourselves so that the inner wounds can surface. These past few months have taught me on a deeper level not to become the story that was passed on to me but to create the story I envisioned for myself, the one that resonates the most with who I truly am.

If you do take the time to go deeper with a sense of compassion, gentleness and patience, both your future and past self will thank you for it. Your younger self will thank you for taking the time to acknowledge and bring forth the inner wound that you have carried, possibly for years. And your future self will be grateful for you pushing through the discomfort of healing to create the life you see for yourself.

Do not just become your story, create it!

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